Esco Bars Disposable Vapes

Sacred Oils CBD is a proud supplier of Esco Bars disposable vapes, which are high-quality vape products for those who prefer an extra-special vaping experience.

Whether you’re tired of how much maintenance the average vape product requires or you’re simply ready to explore something new, you’re bound to be impressed with everything Esco Bars has to offer.

What Makes Esco Bars Disposable Vapes Stand Out?

Esco Bars by Pastel Cartel are desirable disposable vapes with mesh coils for the best vaping experience possible. From the 2,500 puffs and long-lasting 1,000mAh battery to the robust outer aluminum casing and seven delicious flavors, this vape has it all.

  • Internal 1100mAH battery
  • 6mL e-liquid
  • 50mg – 5% salt nicotine
  • 7 flavors
  • Anti-leak technology
  • 2500 puffs – draw-activated (inhale)
  • Mesh coil

Whether you prefer the freshness of Fiji Melons, the excitement of Kiwi Dragons, or the get-up-and-go of Blue Razz, it’s hard not to consider Esco Bars disposable vapes as your next vape product purchase. Sacred Oils CBD is pleased to provide a wide range of award-winning flavors exclusively sold by Savage Enterprises.

Why Buy Esco Bars Disposable Vapes

With so many vapes on the market, it’s not always easy deciding which one to buy. You might not even know if you prefer a disposable vape or one with replaceable parts that requires ongoing maintenance.

If you need a helping hand making your decision, here are just a few of the many benefits of choosing disposable vapes, such as Esco Bars.

Variety of Flavors

When you have a traditional vape product, you have to be quite careful with your e-liquid choices. Bottles of e-liquid can be expensive, and you might be left with countless full bottles if you purchase flavors you don’t like.

However, disposable vapes like Esco Bars are different. They come with 6mL e-liquid tanks in a variety of different flavors, and you don’t have to worry about wastage from flavors you don’t like.

Mesh Coil

Some of the best disposable vapes for sale in Texas and further afield come with mesh coils. Compared to regular vape coils, mesh coils fire faster, improve the flavor complexity of e-liquids, last longer, are consistent, and are more power-efficient regarding your 1,100mAh battery.

Mesh coils come as standard on Esco Bar disposable vapes, which is not the case with most other vape products for sale.

Anti-leak Technology

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching into your pocket for your vape, only to pull out your hand covered in vape oil. Even the most advanced vape products on the market can leak, and it’s been a point of contention for vapers for many years.

However, Esco Bar vapes buck the trend. They boast anti-leak technology to reduce the risk of frustrating and messy leakage.

On-the-go Convenience

Many vape products come with replaceable parts, and these are typically quite easy to maintain and replace. However, they aren’t all that convenient if you’re on the go and need a fast and easy-to-use vape product to tide you over.

Disposable vapes tick that box. Rather than messing around with e-liquid refills, recharging, and coil replacement, you can simply carry a single device and puff on it as you would a cigarette, courtesy of its draw activation.


It’s easy to assume that anything touted as disposable is not designed to handle wear and tear. However, as far as Esco Bars disposable vapes are concerned, that’s far from the truth.

These products might be disposable, but they boast a rugged aluminum container that handles the demands of the average backpack, handbag, or pocket.

Buy Esco Bars Disposable Vapes Today

If you’ve reached this point, it’s clear to see that disposable vapes have piqued your curiosity. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a convenient, cost-effective, and feature-packed vape that’s available in a variety of flavors?

If the time has come to try something new, don’t look past Esco Bars disposable vapes. We’ve got something to suit almost every vaper!

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