Using CBD in Food Recipes

CBD, or cannabidiol, is now available in a range of new products. Not only can you purchase CBD oil, but also gummies, soothing cream, vape oil, and more. However, what are you supposed to do if those products don’t appeal to you? Or, what if you want to get a little bit creative with your CBD oil?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Whether you consider yourself a culinary genius or not, there are plenty of ways to use CBD in food recipes to satisfy your hunger and ailments.


Why Do People Use CBD Oil?

CBD is a chemical compound that many people use to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more. Many studies are also showing there may be potential for CBD to assist with diabetes risk reduction, insomnia, brain health, and many other conditions and ailments.


How to Cook with CBD

You might be familiar with how to use CBD oil you purchase from reputable suppliers. Though, cooking with it is an entirely different situation. We’ve included a few helpful hints on how to go about it to improve your chances of success.


Use a High-Quality CBD Oil

There’s no substitute for quality. When the time comes to stock up on CBD oil or any other CBD products, ensure you opt for the best on the market. Take note of its THC percentage and whether it undergoes any third-party testing.


Go Easy

It can be tempting to use a lot of CBD oil in your cooking or baking – but refrain. Start with a small amount when you’re just learning how to work with it. As your cooking skills improve, you may feel comfortable enough to increase the amount.

Don’t forget to consider the recommended daily doses for CBD oil, depending on what you are using it for.

  • Anxiety and stress: 25-60mg
  • General health: 10-18mg
  • Nausea: 18-25mg
  • Sleep: 40-160mg
  • Depression: 30-60mg
  • Pain: 20-60mg
  • PTSD: 10-45mg
  • Inflammation: 20-30mg
  • Skin conditions: 25-40mg


Use Fat

Recipes with oil, butter, and other fats tend to cope better with the addition of CBD oil than recipes without fats.


Get Creative

Even though you can add CBD oil to baked goods and cooked meals, you’re not limited to those two options. Why not add them to a smoothie, the dressing for your salad, or even a soup? Some people even add it to their morning cup of coffee.


Be Careful with Heat

To ensure your CBD oil remains effective, refrain from heating it on direct heat. Instead, include it in recipes with other ingredients.


Be Patient

Your body will take longer to digest CBD oil in food than if you were to apply the oil directly under your tongue. Be patient before you go in for that second snack.


Adding CBD Oil to Snacks

Once you know how much CBD oil to use and how to use it appropriately, you can start getting creative with recipes. There are a number of wonderful options on the internet that already have CBD added as an ingredient.


These include things like:

  • Bliss balls
  • Biscuits
  • Slices
  • Sauces
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate bars


Some people also love the idea of CBD oil with savory snacks, such as:

  • Pizza
  • CBD-infused butter
  • Guacamole
  • CBD honey on toast


Start Slow

If you have been used to consuming CBD in gummies, creams, and other forms, it’s a good idea to start slow when beginning to add it to food recipes. Start with things that are familiar to you, such as to the top of your salad or a few drops in your morning coffee. You can then start getting creative with other food types as you gain more confidence.

Don’t forget to purchase high-quality CBD oil to improve your chances of having a memorable culinary experience. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding how CBD can help you.

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