Does Delta-8 Show Up On A Drug Test?

Many workplaces have strict rules around drug use, particularly those that require you to use heavy machinery and work with hazardous materials. They gain insight into how ‘clean’ you are by requiring you to undertake regular or random drug tests.

Even though CBD products like CBD oil, gummies, soothing cream, and vape oil with 0.3% or less THC are legal in Texas, they can still make you fail a drug test. This is because drug tests are only looking at your body’s chemical signals rather than what it actually is that you’re consuming.

If you’re wondering whether Delta-8 THC shows up on a drug test when it’s legal, with THC being federally illegal, then read on.


Delta 8 vs. Delta 9

Many people question whether Delta-8 shows up on a drug test because it’s so similar to Delta-9. Chemically, the two are similar, but many people experience different reactions from using each one.

Some people experience stronger psychoactive highs with Delta-9, along with anxiety and paranoia. These symptoms may be less intense or non-existent with Delta-8. Most drug tests won’t know that and won’t discriminate, either.


How Does a Drug Test Work?

If you have consumed Delta-8 for ailments or simply to feel relaxed, you might be curious about whether a drug test will notice it. In short, it will.  Even though hemp will no longer be a controlled substance in Texas, that doesn’t mean your workplace-enforced drug tests will change.

Most drug tests don’t look out for different cannabinoids from marijuana and hemp plants. They can’t test your urine and say, “He had Delta-8, so he passes.”

Instead, the test will see that your body is producing particular chemical signals. Regardless of whether you have had Delta-8, Delta-9, or something else, your drug test will be positive. It will be a false positive in the case of Delta-8, but a positive nonetheless.


How Long Do I Have to Wait To Take A Drug Test After Delta-8?

If you know your employer won’t wait to hear your side of the story after a failed drug test, you may be wondering how long Delta-8 stays in your system. Unfortunately, there is no set number of days. It can depend on many things, such as how much you have consumed and whether you are a long-term or short-term user.

Some people can see it disappear in a little over a week, while long-time users may still have positive drug tests up to 60 days or longer after last having consumed Delta-8 products like CBD oil. You may be able to show your employee the lab tests of the product you are using to prove your case about a false positive, but there is so much unfamiliar territory to tread in these early days of legality.


Is There a Way to Pass a Drug Test After Using Delta-8 Products?

Technically, you have passed your drug test. The drug test just doesn’t know it because it can’t differentiate between legal and illegal products.

However, if you don’t want the hassle of having to explain yourself to your employer, there are possible ways to have the Delta-8 move through your system faster.

These are not sure-fire ways to pass a drug test after using legal Delta-8 THC products, but they may be helpful for some people.


Days or Weeks Before the Test

In the days or weeks leading up to your scheduled drug test, drink lots of water and exercise. THC clings to fat cells, so if you burn fat, hydrate, and sweat out fluids, you may be able to stop THC from showing up on your drug test.


On the Day of the Test

Before you go for your drug test, make sure you urinate in the morning to clear out any built-up THC metabolites. If you drink diuretics such as coffee, you may be able to urinate more than once before you leave for work and before you have your drug test.


Just Before the Test

Hydrate yourself and consume B12 vitamins. You’ve done all you can do, and the results are now out of your hands.


What Happens If You Fail Your Drug Test?

There is no knowing what will happen if you fail a drug test. It can depend on why you had to take one in the first place and how lenient or understanding your employer is.

If you know you have to take regular drug tests, Delta-8 THC may not be the best product for you. Instead, you may like to try non-psychoactive products like CBD that are not tested for.


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