CBD’s Role in Athletic Performance

Athletics are familiar with pushing their bodies to the absolute limit. When they find that limit, they wonder if there’s anything that can help them move beyond it.

However, many barriers stand in their way, such as safety and anti-doping laws. This is where CBD, or cannabidiol, comes in. Many athletes claim they have experienced several benefits by including CBD in their well-being routines, such as faster injury recovery, better sleep, and less muscle pain.

Fortunately, the World Anti-Doping Agency allows athletes to use pure CBD isolate. As a result, athletes can explore their CBD options without the risk of it affecting their athletic future.

They can then find out for themselves whether the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties are all they are cracked up to be. What does the research say?


Inflammation and Pain Reduction

Athletes frequently suffer from pain and inflammation, with very few methods proving sound enough to combat it effectively. According to a review published in Sports Medicine, CBD may benefit athletes biochemically, psychologically, and physiologically.

While the studies only included animals and non-athletes, key findings were that CBD might be able to alleviate inflammatory pain resulting from tissue damage and associated with nerve damage.


Healthy Bones

As most athletes will tell you, healthy bones are essential for athletic potential. Some evidence supports the theory that CBD may help with fracture healing and healthy bones.


Day and Night Cycles

While people have long sworn by CBD for assistance with sleep, there can be a bit more to the picture than that. A Pharmacological Research study showed that in animal models, it might be able to assist with sleeping and waking.

Higher doses of CBD may promote better sleep patterns, while lower doses may assist in waking you up. Being able to produce opposite results depending on your needs is known as biphasic effects. It appears that the dosage you use may play a part.


Gastrointestinal Damage Protection

Many athletes who engage in strenuous activity find themselves with gastrointestinal issues such as reduced nutrient delivery and oxygen. This gastrointestinal stress may impact an athlete’s exercise performance and may even cause problems like nausea and vomiting.

According to preclinical research, CBD may be able to reduce tissue damage. It’s also showing promise in intestine permeability restoration.


Sports Performance Anxiety Management

When an exciting or daunting event is coming up, it’s only natural to be anxious. Though, when it involves sports or athleticism, this anxiety may result in poor nutritional intake, increased energy use, and sleep loss. These may all have a detrimental impact on athletic performance.

In non-athlete studies, CBD has shown promise with being able to alleviate anxiety in stressful situations. The flow-on effect is that an athlete may feel better able to perform at their best.


CBD Options for Athletes

While research and studies are still in their infancy stages – with some not yet moving past animal testing stages – there is potential for athletes to benefit from the use of CBD. Though, given the abundance of products on the market, not every athlete thinking about trying cannabidiol products will know where to start.

In many situations, it can be a personal choice. Some people swear by tinctures that have higher bioavailability and enter the system faster. Others prefer gummies for their taste, convenience, and discreetness.

With all products produced by high-quality manufacturers, a labeled dosage allows you to work out how much you need of whichever product you decide to try.


My Sacred Oils Has The CBD Products You’ve Been Searching For

Even though there isn’t an abundance of scientific research to back up CBD’s potential benefits, many athletes and non-athletes are already experiencing various benefits. If you’re suffering from sleep problems, inflammation, or pain, exploring the CBD market may be worth your consideration. Contact us today for more information about how CBD products can help you!

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